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Bred and Raised for Taste

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World-class taste & tenderness

• Better-than-prime quality

• Unique, premium Wagyu and Wagyu-hybrid breeds offer exceptional marbling and tenderness

• Grass fed and corn finished for optimal flavor

Meticulously cared for

• Superior genetics and a stress-free lifestyle yield remarkable beef

• 600 acres of natural grazing

• No hormones

From our family to yours

• Uncompromising quality at every step

• Fresh from ranch to table in days, not weeks

• Family-run, craft ranch

Our Story

At Palouse River Premium Beef, we hand-raise a unique breed of cattle with meticulous finishing to produce beef with unprecedented flavor and tenderness.

Proudly run by the Griffiths family, Seattleites Richard, Tess and kids’ search for a greater connection with the land led them to a Whitman County cattle ranch homesteaded in 1891. Since 2012, the Griffiths have brought a fresh perspective to premium beef ranching with their family-run, hands-on approach. From its humble origins, Palouse River Premium Beef has evolved to become purveyors of the freshest and most exquisite tasting beef you have ever experienced.

Working closely with neighboring farmers, and other local partners who share their relationship-based philosophy, Richard and family obsess over every detail to ensure that the beef you are serving is truly a one-of-a-kind experience. From their unique, premium-stock Wagyu hybrid breed to a 300- to 450-day, finishing process on the 600-acre craft ranch, uncompromising quality at every step delivers beef with exquisite flavor and tenderness.

Richard Griffiths, owner/operator of Palouse River Premium Beef pets one of this cows on a snowy day at the ranch.
Richard Griffiths, III, owner/operator of Palouse River Premium Beef.

Grass Fed & Corn Finished

Herd of Palouse River catlle grazing on natural grass pasture.
Palouse River cattle grazing on natural grass pasture.
Ryley Griffiths, our youngest, hanging out with his favorite Waguy-hybrid buddy.

At Palouse River Premium Beef, our herd ranges free on our 600 acres of natural grasslands. During the winter months when the ground is covered in snow, our cattle feeds on hay from local growers.

Corn fed to our cattle for finishing is from the Aeschilman farm, a local farm whose owner has been an active charter member of Shepherds Grain. To sell through Shepherds Grain the grower must be inspected and certified by the Food Alliance, a third party verifier located in Portland, Oregon, which verifies that the farm and the farm practices meet the highest standards of environmental and sustainability requirements. The Aeschilman farm produces many crops — including our feed corn — using the no till or Direct Seed System which was adopted as a requirement to meet the standards of the Food Alliance certification. This local farm was an early innovator that helped develop the Direct Seed System in the Palouse during the mid-1970’s. Other countries developed the system on their farms and it is now practiced commercially worldwide.


The Direct Seed System involves no tillage. Instead of tilling, large custom-built machines inject all fertilizers and seed directly into last year’s crops’ residue and standing stubble, or sod, with very little disturbance to soil or the soil life food web that lives in the soil and feeds the plants. It almost eliminates all soil and water erosion which is a big issue in the hills of the Palouse. This method greatly shrinks the carbon footprint of farming by reducing fossil fuel consumption since just one-two tractor passes are needed to seed a crop instead of the 7-8 passes needed to with conventional farming system with tillage. For more information about the Food Alliance:
Find more information regarding Shepherds Grain at:


“The best local meat you will ever taste. Full of flavor and very tender. The marbling is the best I’ve seen.”

Mauro Golmarvi

– Owner, Assaggio Ristorante, Seattle –

“The Palouse River tenderloin was THE best steak I have ever eaten.”

Dick Miller

– Steak Lover –

“In my 10 years of working in restaurants, I have never seen or experienced a steak of this quality.”

Thomas Strand

– Restaurant Professional –

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“We are proud to support the West Seattle community with our premium ground beef for the West Seattle Thriftway Fundraising Events. We lived in this area for over 25 years and still feel a strong connection to this neighborhood. West Seattle Thriftway continues to be our favorite grocer for products produced right here in the Northwest.”

Palouse River Premium Beef

– The Griffiths Family –

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BBQ Charity Events

11:00 am – 4:00 pm

West Seattle Thriftway

4201 SW Morgan Street |  Seattle, WA

Join us in supporting these worthy local charities.

May 20: West Seattle Helpline
June 3: Pencil Me in For Kids
June 17: MOCA Festival
June 24: TBD

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July 21 -23, 2017

West Seattle Thriftway

4201 SW Morgan Street | Seattle, WA

Stop by and say howdy. There will be plenty of our Palouse River Premium Beef  to sample.


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